About Us

At the heart of Bombay Takeout is our belief that food should enlighten the body and mind. The body, as our temple, deserves the utmost respect of nourishment and care – to make for a lighter spirit and balanced life. It’s something we cherished ever since our roots in a small home kitchen, preparing food that promotes purity of being and living. We continue cooking as a reverence to that ideal – to you, your temple, your family, and our dear Mother Earth who supports us all.

Helping Others

As part of our ode to life and nourishment, we take pride in lightening the burdens of those facing difficulties. Every week, Bombay Takeout donates meals to women’s shelters, the elderly, and people facing financial troubles. Please contact us if someone you know is in need of a meal and we assure them the same service and quality for them.

Weekly Fresh Menus

Creative Chefs

Fresh Ingredients

Authentic Cuisine

Tasty Meals

Delivered To Your Door

What We Offer

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